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Innovative RIB design

Aluminium workboats for commercial and private use

The RIB type design uses marine grade construction materials, and features a sturdy aluminium hull with a buoyant UV-resistant plastic pipe replacing the inflatable RIB collar component. This gives a highly durable and low maintenance product; as the collar is non-pressurised there is no annual pressure testing required.


Flugga Boats are designed to handle safely under extreme weather conditions and electronics are fitted to the appropriate MCA category requirement.


Our innovative design means that you get excellent load carrying capacity with a large usable deck area.


Not only do we have customers who use our aluminium workboats in a private capacity, we are also proud to supply a number of commercial customers including the police, oil rigs, fisherman and many more. Our police boat can be seen in the photo above for Grampian Police.


Are you looking for an RIB suitable for recreational use? Gain peace of mind knowing that Flugga Boats are designed to rescue standard crafts. The tough construction allows exploring and beaching without causing hull problems, like cracked gel-coats or tearing the collar on rocks. The low maintenance materials means more time boating, and less money spent on repairs, which, for those wanting an aqua culture boat, is the ideal result.

Flugga Boat design features

  • RIB type design

  • Buoyant plastic collar

  • UV-resistant plastic collar

  • Non-pressurised collar

  • Console option

  • Fully enclosed cabin option

  • Choice of outboard engines or diesel jet drive

  • Electronics fitted to appropriate MCA category requirement

  • Currently certified up to MCA cat. 2

  • High durability construction method

  • Full marine grade specification for all materials

Flugga Boat design

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